Women to Have Heads Shaved and Tattooed for Hair Loss Treatment Study

A New York-based dermatological research company has announced plans for a clinical trial into the use of a neutraceutical supplement by people with genetic hair loss.

For the study, scientists at the Sadick Research Group are hoping to enrol 60 women who have hair thinning caused by conditions including Female Pattern Hair Loss, something that affects millions of women around the world. The researchers will be using a product named Nutrafol in the trial. This supplement, which is already available in the USA, claims to be a treatment for hair loss that is based on "powerful botanicals" and is made of patented ingredients including extracts of turmeric, vitamin E and saw palmetto.

On their website, Nutrafol claims its product is a breakthrough “smart” supplement that targets the root causes of thinning hair.

NutrafolSix month study

The Sadick trial is expected to last for six months and will involve participants taking either Nutrafol or a placebo every day. In order for researchers to be able to focus on one specific area of the scalp and to be able to find it again with ease participants must consent to a having a small tattoo on their head. They must also agree to having their hair clipped.

In fact, the long list of inclusion and exclusion criteria may suggest that the study could have some difficultly getting off the ground at all. Other considerations for volunteers are that they must be aged between 18 and 55; they must have certain a skin type; they must agree to colour their hair (if they currently do so) at the same frequency they did before starting the trial; they need to use a mild, non-medicated shampoo and conditioner for the duration of the study and more including a pledge from participants that they will follow a birth control regime.

People will also be excluded from taking part if they have certain skin diseases, including psoriasis and atopic dermatitis - both of which are autoimmune conditions and may therefore represent a propensity towards other autoimmune disorders, including Alopecia Areata which is also a excluded category. A known history of depression, smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day and anyone whose hair loss is diagnosed as scarring aka Cicatricial Alopecia - an untreatable form of hairloss which destroys the hair follicles - also rule out potential test subjects from participating.

Supplements can be a part of the solution

Female Pattern Hair Loss treatment

may involve food supplements, but these are very much seen as a complement or 'hair growth booster' to be used alongside clinically-proven hair loss drugs. Whilst nutritional support via supplements can certainly help to ensure the hair and scalp are properly nourished, which is important if new hair growth is to be encouraged, it does not go to the root of the problem - no pun intended.hair-loss-treatment-for-men-and-women-hair-growth-boosters-and-minoxidil

At Belgravia, in addition to our clients being offered Hair Vitalics a blend of hair-friendly vitamins, minerals and amino acids in once-a-day tablet form they are also provided with a bespoke pharmaceutical treatment course personalised to their needs. The primary component used by Belgravia's specialists is high strength minoxidil in a formulation recommended for the individual. This is then applied directly to the scalp, as directed and demonstrated by the client's dedicated Treatment Advisor or Hair Loss Specialist.

Minoxidil is currently the only clinically-proven drug to treat hair loss in women and Belgravia's approach to using this alongside additional booster products has seen - and continues to produce - many Success Stories.

A consultation, which will involve an assessment, diagnosis and an explanation of the treatment options best suited to the level and pattern of hair thinning, is always the best place to start for anyone who is worried about hair loss.

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