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Women Give Up Their Hair For Military Training


For most women, a luxurious head of hair is synonymous with beauty and vitality and is all part of being a woman, and with very few exceptions baldness is not a look that they deliberately embrace.

But in order to comply with regulations, 19 females attending a new, integrated assessment at the US Army’s two-month Ranger School agreed to visit the military barber and join the men with a standard Army-style cut.

Less hair if you want to fit in

Since its inception in 1942, the United States Army Rangers has been a men-only outfit, but like much of the modern military the unit is changing with the times and trying to work out how to include women within its ranks.

Writing in the Army Times, reporter Michelle Tan explains that just like their male counterparts, female soldiers are expected to sport short hair cuts. For men, the standard is the traditional buzz-cut, though women are allowed hair up to one inch long. Story continues below.

New Female US Army Candidates for Ranger School Are Required to Have Hair up to One Inch Long

Second Lt. Kelly Derienzo had her long hair cut short, surrounded by Field Artillery Basic Officer Leaders Course colleagues, before going on Fort Benning’s Pre-Ranger Course in Oklahoma

The Rangers’ integrated assessment is a one-off trial, part of a bigger programme aimed at trying to figure out how to make more military job options available to women. It is said to be a first for the traditionally men-only Ranger School.

Military chiefs say that short hair for all attendees, regardless of sex, is necessary for hygiene reasons.

Can bald be beautiful?

Amber RoseFamous women regularly hit the headlines when they get rid of their long hair in favour of the bald look – celebrities including Charlize Theron and Karen Gillan have both shed their hair, if only temporarily, at certain stages of their career.

Though confused onlookers might have wondered if they were in need of a hair loss treatment programme, both celebrities got rid of their hair deliberately. Singer Jessie J is another celebrity to have tried the bald look when she shaved her head for Comic Relief and the Little Princess Trust.

Some say that bald can be beautiful – and there is certainly no shortage of admirers of American model Amber Rose, pictured.

For many women, however, female hair loss is a complex and worrying problem. When hair is so inextricably linked with personal identity and femininity, thinning hair can lead to a great deal of anxiety.

Hair loss in women

Women’s hair loss can be caused by a number of things, including medical issues, diet, stress and genetics. It can be temporary or ongoing – each case is different, which means it is essential to get a correct diagnosis from a hair loss expert.

A condition called Telogen Effluvium is usually a temporary condition and causes thinning of the hair from all over the scalp. It typically begins after an event that shocks certain hair follicles and causes the hairs produced by them to stop growing.

A similar condition is called Chronic Telogen Effluvium, also known as Diffuse Hair Loss, and this tends to be more prolonged.

Additionally, there are several forms of Alopecia which can lead to all-over hair loss or bald patches.

Belgravia MinoxidilHair loss treatment for women

The only medically-proven hair loss treatment suitable for women is Minoxidil – it is licensed by the MHRA and approved by its US counterpart, the FDA, and has been shown to regrow hair and stop female pattern hair loss.

Here at Belgravia, we offer bespoke minoxidil formulations and have seen numerous clients experience significant regrowth results from the use of a comprehensive hair loss treatment programme. View our collection of more than 1,000 photographic success stories to see the kind of results that can be expected.

This is a personalised service, unique to each client, and is overseen by a personal hair loss specialist.

The Belgravia Centre

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