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Women Five Times More Likely to Date Men with Hair

Women prefer a man with hair - even onlineIf you’re considering signing up to an online dating service, heed this one piece of advice – Photoshop your profile picture unless you’ve got the hair that you did in school. If anywhere looks could take a backseat to personality you’d think it would be on the internet but a recent survey has found men with a full head of hair are five times more likely to get a date than those who have thinning hair.

While some women say that bald is beautiful, it appears that a man’s locks really do matter when it comes to love. In a two month experiment, identical profiles of a man were posted on a variety of popular internet forums. The man was a successful London professional in his 30s, with interests in sport, music and travel. Sounds like a real catch, right? But one fared much better than the other.

Over the two months, one man had 108 replies from women while the other only got 22. But why the dramatic difference if their profiles even showed pictures of the same man? Well, one showed a man with a full head of hair while the other was a Photoshop version which showed him going bald.

According to dating and relationship coach Jo Hemmings, your image is just as much a selling point online as it is in real life.

“When people try internet dating, they will not read a profile if they do not like the person’s photo,” she said.

Clearly hair doesn’t mean the world to everyone (22 women did reply to the follicly challenged man), but some men worry about their receding hairlines and it can really have an impact on their confidence which isn’t easy to hide when you’re on a date and can’t shroud behind a computer screen.

There are a number of hair loss products available which have seen many people’s hair as well as their confidence restored. Just take a look at one man’s hair loss video diaries and other people’s hair loss success stories and ask yourself why you don’t owe it to yourself to take the same chance.

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