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Woman Left Bald After Hair Dye Burns


You’re sitting in the chair and through the mirror can see full well what your hairdresser is doing – she’s just cut your fringe too short, or just dyed your hair copper red when you specifically asked for light auburn. One time or another, we’ve all sat and bore to watch such events unfold only to smile and at the end of the session say, “Thanks, great job.” Not Diane Banks. A trip to a professional left this trainee hairdresser with a burned scalp and bald patches.

Diane Banks's bald patch after dying hairIn extreme cases, hair colouring or bleaching can cause hair loss. Usually the chemicals penetrate the cuticle, leading to dry, brittle and weak hair that’s prone to breakage which can result in the appearance of thinning hair. But sometimes, if there is a severe allergic reaction, or the chemicals in hair dye or relaxers burn the scalp, the result can be even less pretty.

After a personal attempt left her looking a little orange, thirty-one-year-old Diane visited an Edinburgh salon to dye her naturally brown hair blonde. However, shortly after applying the treatment, Diane’s scalp started stinging. Despite two attempts, the burning pain caused by the bleach was so bad they had to abandon the session. On the way home, Diane said her scalp felt “like it was bubbling and sticky… When I got home my scalp was red and peeling. The doctor had never seen anything like it.”

Diane is now taking strong painkillers but says her hair loss is continuing. She’s now left with several bald patches that are so bad she is looking to buy a wig to cover the “red and weeping” bald areas.

In most cases of women’s hair loss where styling faux pas have been the culprit of damaged locks, clinically proven treatments such as minoxidil, when administered in the right dose for the individual, have proven to be effective in stimulating hair growth. In instances of burning however, there is no way to incite natural hair growth where irreversible damage has affected the hair follicle.

The salon gave Diane a refund and an apology but they are adamant they’re not responsible for what happened.

“I think she must have done something to her hair when she left the salon,” said the stylist who did not wish to be named but affirms her many years of colour training. “She returned to the salon for a refund and there was nothing wrong with her scalp.

“The customer was persistent that she wanted her hair blonde so I had to bleach it. I explained to her that it would be itchy and sore. I explained the whole procedure… I am not responsible for this.”

Women visit hair salons expecting to re-emerge feeling better about themselves, but the deflation of a bad haircut is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what those who lose their hair go through. The Belgravia Centre understands the importance that hair plays in everyone’s lives and only specialises in the most effective treatments for hair loss so its clients can have the best hope in reclaiming and maintaining their deserved tresses. 

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