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Woman Admits She Loves Seeing Men Worry About Balding

A female writer has admitted she enjoys seeing men worry about their hair loss. The writer revealed that it is an unusual experience to see men feeling insecure because of their looks, rather than women.

“A rare display of male insecurity”Woman Admits She Loves Seeing Men Worry About Hair Loss

Jessica Machado, a writer for ‘The Science of Us’ published on the New York Magazine website, admits to finding men’s hair-related discussions fascinating, as they are a rare display of male insecurity. As she explains, “It isn’t very often I get a window into not just one man’s, but my entire generation of men’s vulnerabilities.”

Although she says she has sympathies for men losing their hair, she also reveals she “feels vindicated in seeing men struggle a little bit with the pressures that plague women their entire lives”.

Jessica believes that men’s egos are not prepared for such a “sudden, lasting blemish” to their looks, and references a study which suggests that men today are “more stressed out about balding, beer bellies, and flabby pecs than their predecessors.”

Dealing with male hair loss

Male Pattern Hair Loss affects two thirds of men by the age of 50 yet, as Machado suggests, men can often find it difficult to accept that they are going bald. In fact, it is estimated that many men lose up to 50% of their hair before they acknowledge it.

Although it may be tempting to ignore the problem, the best course of action for men losing their hair is to face up to it. After accepting male hair loss as a reality, it is much easier to take action. Whether they choose to find a haircut that will flatter thinning hair, shave their head or investigate hair loss treatment, there are a host of options available for addressing the issue.

Hereditary hair loss in women

Belgravia MinoxidilMen are not alone in experiencing genetic hair loss as women with an inherited predisposition can develop Female Pattern Hair Loss.

Although Male Pattern Baldness is more prevalent, ever-increasing numbers of women are dealing with thinning hair as a result of this hereditary complaint, as well as other hair loss conditions. This rise is thought to be linked with the stress of modern living as women are also starting to lose their hair in their 20’s now, which is younger than in previous generations.

There are treatments for women’s hair loss available; these differ slightly to treatments for male pattern baldness in that one of the two medically-proven components, finasteride 1mg, is for men only. However, topical applications of the other element used to reverse hereditary hair loss, high strength minoxidil, has helped many women to regrow their hair.

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