Will You Be Testing the LaserComb for African American Skin Tones?'

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Question: Will you be doing any trial tests with the Hair Max Laser Comb, on African Americans scalp-hair follicles ?

Answer: Hi, Patricia. We do not perform clinical trials on the LaserComb devices - this is something the manufacturer, HairMax, is responsible for carrying out.

Although a number of successful clinical trials have shown their lasercomb devices to be suitable for pale to mid-brown skin types, they have not been tested on darker brown or black skin tones and, as far as we are aware, there are no plans to do so.

We asked the company's Director of Clinical Research about this and the reason he gave involved the research methodology.  One of the primary methods used in clinical trials to assess how effective this form of LLLT is on hair loss involves counting each study volunteer's individual scalp hairs before and after treatment. Where both the skin tone and hair colour is darker, this practice becomes much more difficult, meaning there is a greater room for error.

However, the company believes that its results apply to all skin tones equally, despite it not having been clinically tested on darker skin, and mention its positive feedback in relation to the hair growth booster device being used to promote regrowth in cases of Traction Alopecia - a condition which is most prevalent among women with afro hair.

Certainly many Belgravia clients with afro hair have reported that they have experienced improvements when using the Laser Comb alongside the pharmaceutical elements of their personalised hair loss treatment course.

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