Will Thinning Hair on Temples Grow Back After Shaving Head?

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Question: My hairline was starting to thin but it still had a decent thickness. So I shaved it all off with a razor just to experiment with a new look. I noticed all the hair on my head began to grow back except the temples. Since I shaved it all off, does this mean that the temples won't even grow back to the thinning stage that it was at to begin with? I'm a black male btw.


Answer:  If you had some hair on your temples before you shaved your head, then it is likely this hair will eventually return to how it was, but temple-area hair is slower growing so it may take time. However, if you had already lost the hair on your temples before shaving the rest off, the act of shaving your head would not stimulate the scalp into growing hair back at the temples.

You mention your hairline is starting to thin. This points to potential androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) which can cause a receding hairline as well as hair from the top of your head, including the crown and temples, to shed.

This would not be brought on by shaving your head and should not affect regrowth, however, it could cause the new hair to be more brittle and prone to breakage which may make it appear thinner.
Example of Male Pattern Baldness treated by The Belgravia Centre Results of a Belgravia patient treated for Male Pattern Baldness, as featured in our Hair Loss Success Stories

You can see an example of how male pattern hair loss causes hair to thin and look thinner in the Month 1 patient photos pictured here in our Hair Loss Success Stories image, as well as the results of his treatment three months later.

Another condition which causes patchy hair loss is alopecia areata, but, again, this would not be brought on by shaving your head. As long as you still have hair follicles, it is likely you can regrow hair. So if you had some hair pre-shaving, it is likely that you will eventually see regrowth around the currently patchy, temple areas.

It may depend whereabouts you were in your hair growth cycle when you shaved your head as to how long it takes for the hair to return. We recommend you wait another 2-3 months and monitor the affected areas during that time. If at the end of this period you are still experiencing slow-to-no regrowth around your temples, or anywhere else, we suggest you visit a hair loss expert for a professional diagnosis of your condition, as well as advice on how to treat it, if required.

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