Will Shaving My Head Bring My Receding Hairline Back?'

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Question: I have a question regarding receding of hairline my question is I shaved my head for 4 times from 2013-16, i.e. 4 times with a year gap after tonsuring 3 times I got my hair thick without receding, but at the time of 4th time I shaved my head after that my hairline receding started and gaps between hair increased as I thought that is due to masturbating twice a week. But I need to know if I shave my head again will I get my hairline back without gaps in between hair to hair and main thing in my family no one have baldness. What I want to do will my hairline and hair growth increase by this? Am thankful for your answer….!!!!tonsure-barber

Answer: Hi, Raviteja. Tonsuring or shaving your head has no effect on hair loss nor hair growth. Neither does masturbating.

Cutting hair close to the scalp will not reverse a receding hairline. Sometimes it is the way that the hair has been shaved that can cause the appearance of gaps in the hairline, however, it is most likely that you are predisposed to male pattern baldness and the hair loss around your hairline is simply a result of genetics.

You mention that no-one in your family has baldness. It is possible for people to carry the relevant 'balding genes' without displaying signs of hair loss if these genes are dormant. It is only once they become active that gradually thinning hair will start to occur around the top of the head and hairline areas. This is why male pattern hair loss can seem to skip generations.

A person's underlying predisposition towards male hair loss can be triggered by various lifestyle factors. These include stress, dietary imbalances and smoking.

Whilst male pattern baldness is the most likely explanation, there are other hair loss conditions which could cause the type of shedding  you describe. Therefore, in order to give you a confirmed diagnosis of your specific condition and recommendations for the most appropriate hair loss treatments to help regrow your receding hairline and prevent baldness, it would be sensible to proceed with a consultation, either online or in person.

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