Will Scalp Conditions Make Me Lose My Hair Forever?'

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Scalp Conditions and Hair LossQuestion: I’m a black male who has thin temple hair but here’s the thing. I also have dandruff and I’ve had psoriasis in the past. After I brushed my temples, my hair fell out but 4 weeks later it grew back. I’m afraid that if I don’t get rid of this condition, I may lose my hair forever. Please help. Thank you

Answer: Hi, Derek. If you have thinning hair at your temples it sounds as if this is straightforward male pattern hair loss. However, as you have - or have had - different scalp conditions, and sudden hair fall it is advisable for you to have a specialist assess you as there could be various factors at play.

Scalp conditions rarely cause hair loss but when they cause itching, repeatedly scratching the scalp can cause the hair to break making it look thinner. This type of hair breakage is not a hair loss condition as such and can be remedied by clinical therapies and at-home care. Using Belgravia's B4 medicated treatment shampoo in place of your regular shampoo is a convenient way to soothe and treat scalp conditions such as persistent dandruff and psoriasis.

A hair loss specialist nurse will be able to diagnose your conditions and tailor a bespoke plan to combat both, featuring effective hair loss treatments and hair care elements to boost the condition of your hair and scalp.

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