Will PRP Help Thinning Hair When No Family Hair Loss History?'

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Question: my hair is falling and some thinning at age 20. I have no history of hair loss... so my question that. Is prp treatment help me for hair loss and thinning? My family have no history of hair loss

Answer: Hi, Deepankar. First it is important to establish the cause of your hair loss in order to know how best to treat it.

One thing we would say at this point is that PRP has not been proven to treat hair loss. It has actually been proven in various studies to be an ineffective hair loss treatment when used on its own. Though it is considered potentially beneficial when used alongside clinically-proven hair loss treatments.

We do not offer PRP here at Belgravia as we believe LLLT to be a more appealing alternative, given it is non-invasive, convenient (you can use it at home yourself) and more cost effective. The HairMax Lasercomb device we offer clients also has FDA clearance.

Many clients tell us they have no family history of hair loss, yet they themselves experience male pattern baldness. It is entirely possible both for hereditary hair loss to skip some generations, and it is also possible for the 'balding gene' to be passed on by your parents even if they have no signs of hair thinning. This is because the genes can remain dormant and thinning hair would only start to appear if/when they become active.

Due to environmental and lifestyle factors involved in modern living which can trigger this condition in those genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness, it is becoming increasingly common for young men to experience hair loss.

We would recommend you have a consultation with a hair loss specialist so that they can provide you with a confirmed diagnosis of your condition, as well as personalised treatment recommendations.

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