Will Patch of Hair Burnt Off by Hair Dye Grow Back?'

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Question: My hair has burnt off at the front of my hairline because of hair dye. Will it grow back?

Women hair loss headache hairline stresscAnswer: Hi, Keira. Whether or not your patch of hair loss will grow back depends on the level of damage caused by the dye. 

Chemical burns can vary in their severity and, accordingly, so can the intensity of the resulting hairloss. It is key to assess whether the hairs have been affected from the follicle or the shaft.

Mild damage can cause hair breakage, where the strands are weakened to the point where the hair snaps anywhere along the shaft. This can leave frizzy, damaged hair behind but the follicle remains intact, even if the hair breaks off at the roots. This can generally be dealt with by a good haircut and regular intensive strengthening conditioning treatments.

Ensuring your diet contains the necessary levels of nutrients needed for healthy hair growth can also be beneficial. If you feel you may need some nutritional support in this area, a hair growth supplement such as Hair Vitalics for Women, which contains key vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts, may help to further boost your hair from the inside out.

Moderate styling damage can cause temporary hair loss if the burn has scorched the surface of the skin. This tends to be when the burn does not harm the follicle and is not classed as serious. This is known as chemical trauma and the hair should grow back naturally in time, or specialised hair loss treatment can be used to help speed this process along. It is worth noting that the hair around the hairline is the most fragile and the slowest to regrow.

Hair loss from severe burns, where the skin takes on a shiny, bald appearance once the scalp has healed, is generally permanent. This is known as cicatricial alopecia - also known as scarring alopecia - and, due to the destruction of the hair follicles in these instances, treatment is not possible. In some circumstances surgical hair restoration may be an option but this is very much decided on a case by case basis by specialist surgeons.

If you would like a personal assessment and tailored treatment recommendations, where appropriate, one of Belgravia's hair loss specialists can provide this for you following a consultation. This can take place at our London hair loss clinics or online via the consultation form on our website which allows users to upload photos. Once this has been successfully completed and submitted, one of our team will be in touch shortly.

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