Will My Hair Loss from Lack of Sleep Stop with Regular Sleep Habits?'

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Question: I was wondering why my hair start falling out just soon after I start college, I attended night classes, irregular sleeping habits, indeed, some nights I only get 6 hrs sleep. Will it grow back if regular sleeping habits are developed?

Answer: Hi, Sean. The type of hair loss you describe here is likely to be connected to your lack of sleep which is a form of stress. This makes the hair shed excessively from all over the scalp due to a condition called Telogen Effluvium.

It is a temporary condition which should clear up within six months of the trigger or, if it becomes Chronic Telogen Effluvium, within a year, as long as the underlying cause is dealt with. In your case this would mean establishing regular sleeping habits and decreasing stress levels. Although the hair should regrow naturally in each instance, there are Telogen Effluvium treatment courses available which can help to accelerate this process.

One thing to be aware of is that if you are a carrier of genes responsible for male pattern baldness, even if you were not displaying any signs prior to this episode, these hair loss conditions can bring this on. This genetic hair loss is a permanent condition but only causes thinning hair in areas around the top of the head, such as the crown, along the top of the scalp, and can also present as a receding hairlineOnce the temporary shedding has eased off, you may notice more defined hair loss in these areas.

It is possible to have both male hair loss and telogen effluvium or chronic telogen effluvium simultaneously. In order to find out more about your precise situation it would be wise to visit a hair loss specialist who can assess your pattern of shedding. They can provide you with an expert diagnosis, advice and recommendations for a custom hair loss treatment plan to combat any single or combination of conditions you may be experiencing.

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