Will Minoxidil Regrow Hair on Bald Areas?'

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Question: I start using minoxidil since 2 days, my question is from you that honestly is minoxidil really effect which grow hairs on the damn BALD area?

Answer: Hi Shoaib, If the areas of hair loss that you are treating are completely bald then no, the minoxidil you are using will not work.

Pharmaceutical hair loss treatment requires there to be active hair follicles in order to be effective and baldness is a sign that the follicles have died.

It may be the case that your hair thinning is advanced but that you are not truly bald; if there is hair - even if it is fine - then hair growth may still be possible. If this is the case a tailored treatment course featuring appropriate formulations of high strength minoxidil may well help to make a difference - from preventing further shedding to promoting regrowth.

It takes a lot longer than two days to see results, however. Usually we would expect to see a difference at the three-to-six month mark for cases of acute male pattern baldness.

We recommend you have a consultation with a specialist who can assess your shedding and tell you if there is still a chance that treatment could work for you and, if so, which course of treatment they would recommend.

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