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‘Will Minoxidil Cure Alopecia Areata and Stop it Coming Back?’


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Name: James

Question: hi I have alopecia areata and have had it for almost 5 years now. I have tried many treatments but none actually get rid of it permanently. Year by year the bald patches re-grow but then a new one forms. I have never tried minoxidil but was wondering if I use it will it permanently re-grow all my hair and never will I get any bald patches?

Answer: Hi James. Minoxidil has been shown to produce positive regrowth results in a number of Belgravia clients with Alopecia Areata, and tends to be most effective in mild-to-moderate cases.

Alopecia Areata Hair Loss AdviceHowever, there is currently no treatment for alopecia areata that is clinically-proven to regrow patches of hair loss permanently, nor to prevent the condition from recurring. Whilst some people may regrow their hair – naturally or as a result of treatment – and never experience this type of hairloss again, for others the condition may continue to come back. This is due to the nature of the autoimmune condition.

Alopecia Areata targets the hair follicles, causing them to prematurely enter the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. They then stay there, dormant, until the body gives the signal for normal hair production to resume. However, whether the signal will ever come or not is currently impossible to predict.

The reason for this is something that researchers and scientists are still trying to establish, but triggers are thought to include extreme stress or sudden shock. This can not only bring the condition on initially but, should regrowth occur, either naturally or through treatment, Alopecia Areata can still come back again, as you have been experiencing.

Although there are a number of potential treatments for Alopecia Areata in development whether or not they will be able to prevent further recurrences is unknown and they can also take years to become available. So if you would like to speak to a hair loss specialist about your situation to get their professional advice on personalised treatment courses available now, please do just get in touch.

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