Will I Have Minoxidil 'Dread Shed' if I Only Apply it to My Crown?'

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Name: Kir

Question: I'm worried about losing even more hair from the minoxidil dread shed I keep reading about so want to know if it will happen to me if I only apply it to my crown. I have male pattern baldness at my hairline and crown but my crown is definitely worse. Could I just use it there?

Answer: Hi, Kir. In order to answer your question thoroughly, first let us explain the 'dread shed' you refer to, in relation to high strength minoxidil.

Minoxidil Dropper with liquid

This is something that is often made to sound terrifying, and as if you will go bald overnight, on internet forums, but in reality this may usually only cause mild to moderate short-term hair loss.

When you first start using minoxidil, within the initial few weeks this should start to stimulate the follicles in the areas you apply the solution to. This should be all the areas of your scalp affected by hair loss, which, in the case of Male Pattern Baldness is the top of the head, from hairline and temples to the crown.

We would not usually recommend applying treatment to one area only eg. to a thinning crown if you are also displaying signs of hair loss in other areas, such as the receding hairline you mention.

As the effects of DHT will generally eventually be seen in all the aforementioned areas susceptible to Male Pattern Hair Loss, it is wise to apply the solution to this entire area; also, only applying the entire dose to a smaller, concentrated area can increase the risk of skin irritation.

If you are using treatment, you are better to use it in all the areas of concern; as the formula sinks in to the scalp it absorbs diffusely so all telogen hairs (those in the resting phase of the hair growth cycle) will likely be affected.

As new hair starts growing through, it will push the older, thinning hair out. This can last for around two to four weeks and may be more noticeable for some people than for others. It is temporary hair fall and a necessary part of the hair growth cycle, so nothing to be concerned about.

Not everyone is affected by significant minoxidil shedding as the amount of hairloss they experience is minimal, though it is impossible to predict how an individual will react to their hair loss treatment in advance.

In the unlikely event the shedding continues for much longer than this, we recommend you speak with your dedicated hair loss specialist.

They should be able to monitor your progress and advise on any changes which may need to be made to your treatment course both at this early stage and throughout the duration of your plan.

If you are not a Belgravia patient, you could consult your treatment provider for similar advice as a first port of call.

Before starting to use any new hair loss solutions, or making any meaningful changes to your normal treatment routine - particularly if you are worried about doing so - we would suggest checking in with a professional too, just to put your mind at rest and ensure you are on the optimal course for your specific needs and situation.

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