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Will I be Wasting My Money if I Have a Hair Transplant Done?


red blood cells ironName: Julie

Question: Will I be wasting my money if I have a hair transplant done, as I am iron deficient? Please I would like your honest opinion. Thank you.

Answer: Your first step is to have your hair loss assessed by a specialist in order to have your condition correctly diagnosed. Once the cause is established, a suitable hair loss treatment plan can then be recommended.

It’s important to be aware that a hair transplant is not always the best solution to hair loss, and is generally only recommended after a medically proven treatment programme containing minoxidil has been attempted for at least six months, as this is often enough in itself to regrow thinning hair, preventing the need for a surgical procedure.

You may also be iron deficient, but this condition does not always affect hair growth, as there are other reasons why we lose hair including genetics (female pattern hair loss) and auto-immune disease (alopecia areata).


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