Will Hair Loss Treatment Work Without Using Nizoral?'

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Man Washing HairQuestion: I read on a men's hair loss forum that you have to use Nizoral shampoo with your hair loss treatment in order for it to work but other people were commenting saying that's not true - which is it please? Does it matter what shampoo I use?

Answer: Hi, Greg. No, the shampoo you use - regardless of brand - has absolutely nothing to do with the treatment of male pattern hair loss.

Shampoo is focused on cleansing the hair, whereas male hair loss treatments target its underlying cause.

Some people find Nizoral and other products marketed as shampoos for thinning hair can be quite harsh, especially if they are using hair loss treatments too. With this in mind, particularly if you are using minoxidil, we would recommend using a gentle formula shampoo that is suited to your hair type. That way the shampoo will thoroughly clean your hair without stripping it of its natural oils and without drying the scalp.

The only real variation to this rule is if you have a scalp condition such as dandruff or seborrhoeic dermatitis, which can be dealt with by using a treatment shampoo such as Belgravia's B4 shampoo which has built up something of a cult following! Treatment shampoos can sometimes be drying so following with a lightweight conditioner, hair oil or scalp moisturiser may be advisable although whether this is necessary varies from person to person so it may not necessarily be the case for you.

Whether you have a scalp condition or not, you may benefit from quarterly clinical treatment sessions. These appointments involve spa-like therapy concentrating solely on the head and improving the condition of the scalp and hair. A variety of methods are involved, including using specially-prepared treatments formulated to your specific needs, as well as head massage, laser therapy and steam treatments, which many clients find incredibly relaxing as well as beneficial to their hair and scalp health. These treatments take place at our Central London hair loss clinics and can be included with many treatment packages.

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