Will Hair Loss Treatment Affect My Pregnancy?

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Name: Cristina

Question: Hi, I would like to visit you to follow one of your treatments, although I am planning to get pregnant in 6 to 8 months' time. Will the treatment affect the pregnancy afterwards? Thanks.

pregnancy-and-hair-loss-treatmentAnswer: Hi Cristina. There is some very straightforward advice for women who want to seek treatment for hair loss but also plan to start a family. I have provided an overview below but you may also be interested in the links at the end of this answer for further information.

It is fine to use minoxidil treatments (the medically-proven, topical hair loss formulations used to treat female hair loss) whilst trying for a baby, given you have a 6 to 8 month window beforehand. However, once you have conceived, you should cease minoxidil use immediately and for the duration of your pregnancy. This is due to the risk of possible birth defects, as shown in animal trials where minoxidil was absorbed through the skin, although there is only one such case study that we are aware of for humans.

Once you stop using hair loss medications you would generally expect shedding to resume, however, due to some of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy affecting women's hair, it is likely that hair loss during this time will not be noticeable, even without using minoxidil.

After giving birth, your hormone levels will return to normal, causing a greater number of hairs than usual to enter the resting (telogen) stage of the growth cycle. This means a higher number of hairs - those that remained on the head during pregnancy due to pre-natal hormones - which would otherwise have shed, will fall out. This shedding often appears as diffuse thinning or patchy hair loss and is known as post-partum hair loss, or postpartum alopecia. Whilst a significant amount of hair can be lost during this time, your hair should return to its pre-baby thickness within a year.

If you decide to breast feed or express milk for your baby, you will need to wait until you have finished this phase before starting to take minoxidil again.

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