Will Cutting My Hair Make it Grow Back Thicker?'

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Question: I m 18 and my hair became very thin and had much hairfall, how can i control it , plzz suggest me probably i cut my hair thought it grow stronger.

18 Years Old With Thinning Hair - Will Cutting My Hair Make It Grow Back ThickerAnswer: Hi Bharat. It is impossible to be certain without seeing you or speaking to you more about your hair loss, however, the thinning you describe is most likely an early sign of male pattern baldness.

Unfortunately cutting your hair is not the answer and will not prevent or reverse your hair loss condition. This is because of genetics; thinning hair caused by male pattern hair loss occurs when DHT in the bloodstream attacks the hair follicles positioned around the top of the head. As genetic hair loss is a progressive condition, these assaults continue and over time will gradually weaken the follicles so that hairs shrink and thin then fall out, unless preventative or restorative hair loss treatment is used.

Cutting your hair will not counteract the DHT in your body, which is why it will not work in helping to combat male hair loss. Whilst it may make your hair appear thicker and help to make your thinning less obvious - as will keeping your hair clean - haircuts do not help to fight male pattern baldness and these cosmetic tricks will not stop your hairloss from progressing.

Following a comprehensive course of male hair loss treatment supplemented by appropriate hair growth boosters is the most effective way to regrow hair lost to this hereditary condition. These are generally recommended for men aged 18 and over. A hair loss specialist will be able to tailor a bespoke treatment plan to your specific stage of thinning, medical profile and lifestyle needs. This can be done in person or, if you are unable to visit one of our Central London clinics due to your location, you can use our Online Consultation form.

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