fbpx Wig Snatch: Miss Gay Brazil Loses Her Hair
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Wig Snatch: Miss Gay Brazil Loses Her Hair


Hair loss in women is a touchy subject. Everyone knows a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, but Miss Gay Brazil lost her hair, crown and glory after a disgruntled contestant snatched her long golden-brunette wig.

The video footage below shows a jealous rival making a grab for the winner’s hair and taking off with her wig and crown. Underneath the wig, Miss Gay Brazil was harbouring a short, shaven black crop of hair.

While hair extensions have become popular among everyday women who want to disguise thinning hair or don’t want to wait to grow their hair long, they can sometimes lead to hair loss. Wigs on the other hand are often worn by celebrities to performances and events, but never has there been an incident such as this at the Golden Globes. 

While the competition this year shows some catty behavior, it’s not the kind of competition you think it is. “Miss Brasil Gay” is a show featuring Brazilian drag queens, each representing a different state of Brazil.

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