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Why You Should be Sceptical About Hair Loss Products

From anti-aging creams to Botox, gym memberships to body sculpting and everything in between, people are trying to turn back the clock. However when it comes to hair loss, some decide to just let nature take its course and research shows that scepticism is the main reason why.

People are understandably sceptical about hair loss treatmentsMost people think all hair loss treatments are a sham, and for good reason. A quick internet search will instantly reveal thousands of websites which claim to have discovered a unique way of growing hair and preventing baldness. They’ll produce hundreds of testimonials and even claim to have had their remedies clinically tested and proven but in the end, men and women will dish out ridiculous sums of money for a hair loss product that will most likely fail to deliver on its promises. Only two medicines are unequivocally and clinically proven and licensed for the treatment of hair loss.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are organisations that protect the public from unscrupulous people trying to sell fake and corrupt medicines. The fact is, that apart from Propecia and minoxidil, no other medication has been clinically proven to have any effect on male or female hair loss. Their superior results are continually seen in thousands of people but are even more effectiive when combined and administered in the right dose for the individual and supported with the right hair growth boosters, but it took years of testing and studies before they were given the green light by the health authorities.

The only reason other hair loss products continue to sell is down to the leniency of regulations, particularly within natural and herbal supplements. There is no requirement for these types of products to demonstrate their supposed benefits, so long as they do not claim to have medicinal effects. Unfortunately, however, some do. You may read about a product that says it can “regrow hair” – this is technically an illegal claim if the product does not have the approval of the MHRA or FDA, as there is no proof or solid grounds for such a statement to be made.  Some people may wish to try a range of hair loss products to help their hailine, but others would say they’d be wasting their time and money. 

If you want to consult a medically-trained hair loss specialist for expert advice and get the treatment that’s right for you, one that’s also been undoubtedly proven to offer you the best results in both stabilising and reversing hair loss, contact the Belgravia Centre. Call on 020 7730 6666 to book a free appointment, or fill in the online diagnostic form to receive expert advice and access to the best treatments in hair loss from anywhere in the world.

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