Why Women Should Invest in Treating Hair Loss

The Average Woman Spends £40k on Her Hair So Investing in Treating Hair Loss is a Good Idea.

In 2006 the Daily Mail revealed that the average British woman spends a staggering £36,903.75 on her hair in a lifetime. Women also spend the equivalent of just under two years of their lives washing, styling, cutting, colouring, crimping and straightening hair in salons or at home. The figures were released by Boots after surveying 2500 women on their hair care spend and daily routine.

Given that, over a lifetime, the average woman devotes £40,000 and two years to her hair, it would seem wise to invest a fraction of that amount in preventing hair loss.

There are many different types of hair loss in women. Female Pattern Hair Loss is caused by a genetic oversensitivity to Dihyrdrotestosterone (DHT). This powerful hormone inhibits the growth of new hair follicles and leads to widespread thinning in approximately 50% of women. Most women will start to suffer from this condition in their 30s with the thinning becoming noticeable in their 40s. The menopause can make the thinning more obvious.

This type of hair loss has the same mechanism as male pattern baldness. However, for a woman, the impact on self-esteem and her feelings of femininity can be highly distressing. The good news is that it is possible to restore thinning hair with a proven hair loss treatment.

Other types of female hair loss include Telogen Effluvium and Diffuse Thinning. With both these conditions, the hair may re-grow on its own however, sometimes a hair loss treatment can help the hair regenerate quicker.

There is only one proven treatment for hair loss in women. Minoxidil has undergone clinical trials and been licensed by the MHRA and 'FDA-approved' for the treatment of female hair loss in the UK and USA respectively.

If you are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, a hair specialist will be able to diagnose the condition and advise on a treatment plan. The Belgravia Centre offers free consultations with a hair specialist. To book an appointment, please call 020 7730 6666 or message the clinic. If you are unable to visit the clinic, please complete the online diagnostic form and a treatment advisor will be in touch.

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