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Why Men Worry About Baldness But Do Nothing

In a world which disdains snail mail, abhors the idea of life without mobile phones and can’t remember life before ready-meals, there are still men who feel constrained to accept male pattern baldness as a fact of nature, even though medical methods of hair restoration are readily available.

Not that hair loss isn’t something that many a man has attempted to remedy throughout history, it’s just that until the past few decades, solutions to hair loss have been limited to wigs or hairpieces, unsafe surgical options and unsuccessful natural remedies. However, medical treatments for hair loss have literally undone the effects of male pattern baldness for tens of thousands of men who decided that baldness was something they did not have to endure. Even though a lot of men may know about these treatments, some are still hesitant to do anything about their condition.

Many men accept baldness as a fact of natureLogically it doesn’t make sense for men to worry about baldness – it’s largely inevitable, happens to almost every man (8 in 10), and something that has to be accepted as part of ‘being a man’. Some men may even find they’re the butt of most of their mates’ jokes, but no matter how much hair loss may trouble a man and lower his self-esteem, he has to pretend it does not and accept the teasing with pinch of salt – like a ‘real man’.

These sorts of age-old ideas are what keep a man from addressing his hair loss. However, in today’s society a man is more likely to ignore these beliefs that tell him he has to accept losing his hair. Hair restoration is something man has toyed with since the beginning of time and now, with the advancement of scientific and medically proven hair loss treatments, more and more men are saying ‘no’ to hair loss. If it’s something that plagues him, there is no reason why a man should live with a cosmetically unacceptable condition when science and medicine offer ways to stabilise and reverse the effects.

The first step in the right direction is to talk to a hair loss expert. Although shaving the hair ultra short has been a popular option for a lot of men to disguise their thinning hair, it won’t make hair grow back thicker and only conceals the progression of hair loss. Specialists recommend that treatment begin when hair loss is in early stages but if a man first opts to shave his head, he may find his hair loss well advanced if and when he decides to seek a better solution.

Medical hair loss treatments can reverse the effects of baldness in as little as 3 monthsTreatments like minoxidil and Propecia can stop the balding process and even re-grow hair that was once lost so that baldness never occurs, but in any case it’s never too late to seek treatment – there are always scientific and medical advancement that are making male pattern hair loss a thing of the past.

If you prefer emails, can’t live without your mobile phone and enjoy a pizza take-out every now and then, chances are you’d prefer to keep your hair than say goodbye to it. For a free appointment with a Belgravia hair loss specialist, call 020 7730 6666 or send an email for more information. And since we love the abilities provided to us by the world-wide-web, why not fill in the online diagnostic form for free expert advice on your hair loss condition and access to the most advanced, world-wide, mail-order hair loss treatment program.

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