Why Isn't My Hair Loss Treatment Working?'

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Name: Bilal

Question: I am using minoxidil and propecia to treat my hairloss since almost a year. I take the tablets once most days and use the minoxidil once or twice per day. Sometimes I don't use it at weekends so I use it more the next day so I am still getting the right amount like it says on the packet. My hair is very thin and you can see my scalp and I thought this treatment would make it grow but I cannot see any improvement. Why is it not working and what can I use instead?

Answer: Hi, Bilal. The most likely reason your hair loss treatment is not working is very straightforward and - you'll be glad to hear - easy to rectify.

When it comes to following a regrowth regime, consistency is key. If you stop and start or miss days or doses, as with most medications, your treatment will be less effective. It may even stop working altogether.

Stopping and restarting treatment can even prompt extra shedding which, if you do not then follow through with the treatment in a consistent manner, can actually make your hair loss worse.

The reason being diligent and consistent in your use is so crucial is because you are trying to maintain the level of the drug in your bloodstream - something called the 'therapeutic level' - as this is what makes any medication effective.

For the best chance of seeing regrowth results you should always follow your course specifically as directed, without deviating from these instructions.

From what you say, it sounds like you are not following a Belgravia male hair loss treatment course so you may want to check with your provider for specific advice. However the same principle generally applies across the board with medications - whether for hairloss or otherwise: use what you are prescribed as and when instructed.

It is also useful to check in with your treatment advisor if you have any concerns as, depending on other factors - from lifestyle habits to medical changes - your course may need tweaking from time to time to ensure optimum performance.

There are various levels of regrowth from treatment and, depending on the extent of your thinning, these results can take from three to six months to become noticeable. In some cases where the hair loss is more advanced - which as you note you can see your scalp and your hair is very thin may apply to you - it can take up to 12 months of consistent use to see regrowth from the treatment. But even in these instances, stabilisation of any shedding, should be evident a few months before this.

Try using your hair loss products as directed without missing any days or doses for a period of at least six-to-twelve months and we believe you should start to notice the difference. If you are still not happy with your progress, speak to a separate hair loss specialists for a second opinion and to discuss any supplementary hair growth supporting products which may be beneficial to you.
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