Why is There an Area of Hair Loss Near my Scar?'

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Name: Leon

Question: I had an accident a few years ago and cut my head, it left a scar in a line about 5 cm long that goes from my forehead into my hairline, like maybe 3cm of it is in my hair. I've got no hair growing back where the scar is tho the rest of my hair's fine. Why's the hair near the scar not growing back and what can I do to make it grow?

Answer: Hi, Leon. As it has been some years since you cut your scalp and a scar has developed, it is most likely the case that your hair will not grow back in the scarred area.

What you advise is 'hair loss near the scar' is possibly more accurately described as hair loss in the scar; this is because hair cannot grow where there is scar tissue.

scar in hairline

When the skin takes on the smooth, shiny look associated with baldness - whether from advanced Male Pattern Hair Loss or scarring - it is a sign that the follicles are no longer functional and, therefore, cannot produce hair.

Scarring hair loss is also known as cicatricial alopecia, and - as yet - there are no non-invasive hair loss solutions that can regrow hair in these cases.

Hair transplant surgery is not generally an option for many patients with cicatricial alopecia as there can be underlying inflammation and a lack of donor hair available. Donor hair being the follicles harvested, usually from the back or sides of the scalp, in order to be moved to tiny incisions where they will be inserted to increase hair density in that area.

However, as your scar is relatively small and you mention having no hair loss conditions, it sounds as if hair restoration surgery may be worthwhile exploring if you are determined to resolve the gap in your hair currently caused by the scar.

If you want to find out more about whether you are suitable for a hair transplant and more information about the procedure, including how much it may cost, etc. We recommend speaking to a recognised professional who specialises in this type of work.

Many people forget that a hair transplant is still an invasive operation and one which - especially in the case of scarring - requires a high level of expertise in this specific area, as it is a very precise skill. Aftercare, even when smaller areas are involved, is also crucial for getting patients the best, safest outcome.

If this is an area you are interested in, we would certainly advise taking a cautious approach and finding a respected professional within this field rather than going with the cheapest option. Given the size of your scar is fairly small - and hair transplants tend to be priced per graft (hair) - it is likely you will have a far smaller bill than when this surgery is used to fill in larger areas of thinning.

Although Belgravia does not treat scarring hairloss - nor do we carry out hair restoration surgeries or offer any kind of invasive hair loss solutions - we may be able to refer you to a hair transplant specialist for a consultation. If this is something you are interested in, please simply contact the clinic and we will arrange an introduction.

Micropigmentation, a form of medical-grade tattooing which applies ink to the scalp in various shades to mimic the appearance of hair, may be another option, particularly if you wear your hair very short or have a closely shaven crew cut hairstyle. This helps to disguise hair loss by making the scalp less noticeable.

Again, for the best possible, most natural-looking results and safety, it should be carried out by a specialist rather than a regular tattoo artist or beautician, however.

Another possibility, if surgery or tattooing is not for you, is cosmetic hair loss concealer products, such as microscopic fibres. These can be used daily - applied via a 'shaker' and fixed in place with a spray - to fill in areas of hair loss.

As they attach to existing hairs to give the appearance of thicker hair, they are unsuitable for people with substantial areas of baldness as there is nothing for them to cling on to, but may be an easy 'quick fix' for your scar as they can latch on to the surrounding hairs.

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