Why Eggs Are Important For Healthy Hair

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Eggs pack a mighty punch when it comes to hair health, although sadly Creme eggs and Mini Eggs don't count, not even at Easter.

Eggs for Hair HealthWhy eggs are good for hair health

There are three main elements found in eggs that make them an egg-cellent choice for supporting hair health:-
Protein is essential for building strong, healthy hair and eggs are chock full of the stuff. Hair is made up of around 70% keratin, which is a protein also found in tooth enamel and nails. You will also find it in many intensive hair conditioning treatments as, when keratin is applied to the hair it can plug weak spots, temporarily improving the hair's strength and condition, as well as helping hair growth. Raw eggs are traditionally used in DIY home hair conditioning treatments for the same reason.
Sulphur is found mostly in the albumen (egg whites) and is responsible for that unmistakable eggy smell. It is also used in professional colour-correcting treatments as a gentle way to strip dye from hair. Sulphur helps prolong the growth phase of the hair's growth cycle and is also conducive to healthy hair as it supports keratin, making the protein strong and insoluble, allowing it to function properly.
L-lysine, the amino acid which is also found in eggs, is beneficial to those seeking to boost their locks. This is because it helps the body to absorb iron and zinc - two minerals that play a crucial role in hair health. The body cannot produce its own supply of L-lysine so it is important to get this from your diet.
Egg yolks are also a great source of biotin which is a key contributor to healthy hair growth and can guard against dryness, making the hair less prone to breakage. It is important to monitor your intake of eggs, particularly if they are your top dietary source of this water-soluble B vitamin due to the amount of cholesterol contained within the yolks.

How to cook eggs for optimum benefits

Ideally, assuming you are not pregnant, you should eat no more than one egg per day as excessive consumption has been linked to high cholesterol. It is generally advisable for anyone with cholesterol issues to eat no more than four eggs per week.
With this in mind, you want to get the best protein benefits you can from your eggs, and the amount of protein in an egg can vary depending on how you prepare it.
The UK's recommended daily allowance of protein is 45g for women and 55g for men. The following information, provided by the USDA, advises how many grams of protein an egg generally contains depending on how it is cooked, to help you ensure you include en-ouef protein in your diet:

13g per 100g
14g per 100g
11g per 100g
13g per 100g
13g per 100g
10g per 100g

If you are concerned that you are not meeting your daily nutritional needs for healthy hair growth via your diet alone, taking a food supplement can be a convenient way to top up. Belgravia offers a tailored, highly targeted hair growth food supplement containing biotin, selenium and zinc as well as many additional vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts, in the form of Hair Vitalics; This is often taken by our clients as part of a hair loss treatment course but can also be used by non-clients who simply want help in maintaining healthy hair. It is not intended to replace a balanced diet.

Can eggs help prevent hair loss?

As eggs are such a protein powerhouse, many people have touted them as a home remedy for hair loss. However, whilst eggs can help to improve your hair's strength, shine and condition, which may help with shedding caused by basic styling damage or hair breakage, it cannot combat true hair loss conditions. This is particularly true in the case of genetic hair loss which is caused by a hormone by-product, DHT, attacking the hair follicles.
There are only two hair loss treatments licensed by the MHRA and FDA-approved for the hereditary conditions Male Pattern Baldness and Female Hair Loss.
You can find over 1,000 examples representing just a few of Belgravia's clients who have seen significant regrowth results from following comprehensive, personalised treatment programmes in our Hair Loss Success Stories gallery. This unique collection of images taken before and after each featured client starts treatment will give you a realistic idea of the types of results that can be achieved, as well as the time it has taken various individuals to achieve them.
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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss

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