Why Does Minoxidil Have a Short Expiry Date?


Question: Why does Minoxidil cream have a short expiry date?
Minoxidil DropperAnswer: Retail products such as Regaine are made commercially and the manufacturers are able to apply extended expiry dates as a result of their manufacturing procedures. Here at the Belgravia Centre, high strength minoxidil formulations prepared in our on-site pharmacies are only able to have an expiry period of six months due to our techniques.
Minoxidil should be use consistently if one is to achieve effective results. If used as instructed all supplies of our minoxidil should be completed before the indicated expiry date. We are unable for this reason to dispense prescriptions for more than six months at a time. It is never recommended to use any medication beyond its expiry date.
Our clients on hair loss treatment courses are always carefully monitored  to ensure they are using the treatments correctly, so that they may benefit from the best possible results
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