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‘Why Do You Use Hair Vitalics and Minoxidil for Hair Loss?’

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Name: Noble

Question: In your Vitalic’s you have 2 amino acids, one of which is an essential not produced in the body. You also have a B Vitamin Biotin which people take on its own and have effectively grown lost hair back. You have stated that your supplements do not work on their own but only assist with the topical cream treatment.

Hair Vitalics for Men Belgravia Centre food supplements for healthy hair growthMy question is why a protein which is produced in the body or taken as a supplement would need a topical cream to open the capillaries under the scalp in order for the vitamin or protein to be processed by the body? When an adequate diet or supplement has proved to thicken and re grow hair when taken alone? Thanks.

Answer: Hi Noble, thanks for your question about our Hair Vitalics supplements.

In short, there is no link between the action of the high strength minoxidil – the ‘topical cream treatment’ you refer to – and that of the Hair Vitalics in treating hair loss. What the Hair Vitalics do is to compliment the effects of the minoxidil by providing the nutritional elements needed for strong, healthy hair.

Whilst minoxidil is a topical hair loss treatment medically proven to treat genetic hair loss, Hair Vitalics are a food supplement which contains a number of vitamins, minerals and botanicals known to increase hair health and promote hair growth. Hair Vitalics help to ensure that your existing hair and any new regrowth coming through is in optimum condition; these supplements do not treat hair loss. This is the job of the minoxidil.

Minoxidil DropperAlthough you say that people have been known to regrow hair through use of biotin supplements alone, the only hair loss treatments proven to treat pattern baldness are minoxidil and finasteride 1mg (also known by brand names including Propecia and which are suitable for men only) which are both licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA in the States, for this purpose. Whilst many natural ‘cures’ for baldness are touted, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that any of them actually work in preventing or reversing hereditary hairloss.

Vitamins of any brand or composition will not treat hair loss, no matter how good they are, unless the hair loss is due to a nutritional problem, as can occur with Telogen Effluvium, for example. Vitamins do not block the actions of 5-alpha reductase or DHT which are the substances that cause female and male pattern hair loss.

If clients prefer to take their own brand of vitamins then they are always welcome to do so as minoxidil can be used with or without additional health supplements. Furthermore, Hair Vitalics should not be used by patients who are already taking iron. The reason our Hair Vitalics are such a popular part of our comprehensive hair loss treatment programmes is because many patients feel their diet is inadequate and needs extra supplementation as they believe they do not eat healthily enough to get the right nutrition for their hair’s health solely from their diet alone.

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