Why Do I Lose More Hair Straight After Dyeing It?'

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Question: Why do I always seem to lose more hair straight after dyeing it at home? I use a dark coloured home hair dye that adds volume to my hair so I can always feel it getting thinner the more it washes out but initially I see more hairs in the shower when I rinse the dye out. I also feel like more is coming out as the hair feels thicker but maybe this is because of the thickening products in the dye? What do you think? Should I be worried about this?

Answer: Hi, Liv. Without seeing your hair it is hard to tell whether or not you should be concerned about hair loss, however, there is a simple explanation regarding the shedding you experience in the shower.

Hair Dye and Hair LossEvery day, as part of the hair growth cycle we lose around 100 hairs from our head and this is considered normal shedding. If that came out in one go in the shower everyday it could look pretty shocking! Instead, the hairs tend to fall away over the course of the day so we don't often notice the process taking place. The reason you may notice more when you are doing anything that agitates the hair - such as brushing, washing or styling - is that this can help to shake any loose hairs that have already shed but have not yet fallen to the ground.

You are also in a more confined space, concentrating on your hair and your immediate surroundings which - especially when the hairs are dark - draws your eyes to them. Whilst the fallen hairs may appear more obvious, this does not necessarily mean there are more of them, just that they have been shaken loose simultaneously rather than being allowed to drop naturally.

It is unlikely to be the case here but some people do develop all-over thinning due to an allergic reaction to their hair dye, known as Allergic Telogen Effluvium. This would generally cause noticeable and unquestionable hairloss, as well as other symptoms so this is unlikely to apply to you.

The best way to tell if you are losing more hair than usual, besides the feel of your hair - which if you are using chemical thickening agents may not be as easy to gauge - is by monitoring the width of your (centre) parting. Thinning hair can be a sign of a number of different hair loss conditions all of which affect the top of the head, so if it looks like your parting is getting wider, this could require professional attention.

A hair loss specialist will be able to assess your scalp and provide you with both a diagnosis and advice as to the best regrowth regime for your specific situation. They can recommend and talk you through a personalised hair loss treatment course featuring key components, such as minoxidil and a range of boosters.

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