fbpx Why Are Afro-Caribbean Women Susceptible to Hair Loss?
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Why Are Afro-Caribbean Women Susceptible to Hair Loss?


Traction Alopecia Naomi The Belgravia CentreSometimes, it seems like everywhere you turn, there are pictures of famous women with hair loss, from Gail Porter to Victoria Beckham and even supermodel Naomi Campbell, who was photographed with bald patches on her scalp last year. Naomi recently appeared on the Graham Norton Show wearing a wig, leading to further rumours that she may be experiencing hair loss.

But did you know that Afro-Caribbean women are especially prone to hair loss?

What makes Afro-Caribbean hair so susceptible?

In the US, hair loss is the 7th most common reason for African-American women to visit a dermatologist. Their hair structure is much easier to snap, and this can lead to hair breakage and loss. In addition to this, many Afro-Caribbean women favour cornrows and tightly braided hairstyles which can lead to hair loss at the temples, front and back of scalp. Hair loss caused by tension on the hair is known as Traction Alopecia.

Other common hair loss conditions

There is another relatively common hair loss condition which affects many Afro-Caribbean women – Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA). It’s believed that this condition could be related to the harsh chemicals used for straightening Afro-Caribbean hair, and could also be caused by tension on the hair shaft from tight styles. Medical experts have also found links between Type 2 Diabetes and the scarring on the crown and the front of the scalp, which leads to hair loss. Women with Afro-Caribbean hair may also experience follicular degeneration syndrome, where hair begins to think at the back of the head, gradually spreading to the front.

Treatment for female hair loss

The good news is that these conditions are usually able to be treated fairly easily, although lifestyle changes will be required. Left untreated, they could lead to permanent hair loss, so it is important to stop wearing tight braids and styles and take out weaves or extensions, as these place undue tension on the hair shaft. As a general rule, if it hurts when you chew, your hair is likely to be braided too tightly. If you are experiencing signs of female hair loss – whatever your ethnicity – it is important to see a hair loss expert as soon as possible for a personalised treatment programme, to avoid permanent damage to your hair.

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