Why Am I Losing Hair Now After Using Regaine for a Year?'

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Name: Ed

Question: Why is my hair falling out NOW after using Rogaine for over a year?

Answer: Hi, Ed. It is difficult to answer your question without any information about your hair loss or medical history, given you are not a Belgravia client.

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There are a number of different hair loss conditions and many possible reasons for hair shedding. As such, firstly, we advise you have a consultation with a specialist to obtain a professional diagnosis. From there you can also see if Regaine - the UK name for Rogaine, a brand of over-the-counter minoxidil - is an appropriate treatment, given this is only recommended for certain levels of Male Pattern Baldness.

Secondly, once you have been recommended a personalised course of appropriate hair loss treatment, you need to make sure that you use it correctly in order to see optimal results. Irregular or incorrect use of your medication can cause changes in the hair growth cycle and result in increased shedding.

Additionally, there are other factors that can influence your treatment and trigger periods of increased hair fall. These include stress, dietary deficiencies, certain medical conditions and prescription medications.

Sometimes this hairloss can be temporary and caused by normal changes to the natural hair cycle or seasonal shedding. The hair grows in stages and constantly replaces itself. It is usual to lose 100-150 hairs every day; these are then replaced by new hairs.

Occasionally, you may lose slightly more hair strands daily which may feel like you have more thinning hair for a short period, but this could just be part of the normal hair cycle and the lost hair can still be replaced by new hair, it may simply be taking a little longer than usual to grow through.

If the hair fall is coming from the top of your scalp, this most likely indicates genetic hair loss given this only affects follicles located from hairline to crown. If, however, you are losing hair from all over your scalp, this tends to indicate a temporary issue, such as Telogen Effluvium, for example.

Hopefully this information helps to put your mind at rest as to the potential possibilities that could be causing you to lose more hair than normal at present; for further reassurance and tailored treatment advice - including assessing whether Regaine is the optimum hair loss solution for you - as before, we do recommend a consultation with a hair specialist.

This can take place in person at a dedicated hair loss clinic, or online, using a consultation form with photo-upload capabilities to assist with providing an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

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