Why Am I Bald: Evolutionary Theories of Baldness

We’ve gotten bigger, taller, and smarter over time and we’ve also lost quite a lot of hair. Although, if we’re going to deliberate for a moment on the idea that humans perhaps evolved from apes, we must wonder why we haven’t been able to shake one of the seemingly useless traits we still share with our ancient ancestors  baldness.

W're bigger, taller and smarter but baldness is still in our genesWhile there is no consensus regarding the details of the evolution of baldness, most theories regard it as a result of sexual selection. A number of other primate species such as chimpanzees, stump-tailed macaques, and South American uakari, show progressive thinning hair on the scalp after adolescence. Some species, such as gorillas, clearly use an enlarged forehead created anatomically and through frontal balding to convey increased status and maturity.

Similarly, humans regard baldness as a sign of wisdom and social maturity. One theory that suggests baldness evolved in males through sexual selection as an enhanced signal of aging and social maturity. The study found that men with facial hair and those with bald or receding hair were rated by other men and women as being older than those who were clean-shaven or had a full head of hair. Beards and a full head of hair were seen as being more aggressive and less socially mature, and baldness was associated with more social maturity and more nurturing behaviours.

Perhaps women tend to chase hairy, irresponsible and aggressive young guys, but settle down and raise a family with balding but stable, mature and nurturing men, even though theoretically they find them less attractive than men with full heads of hair. Of course not all women find baldness unattractive but perhaps a stigma is generated by hair loss products that thrive on the insecurities of men in relation to their attractiveness to women.

Baldness must have some physical advantage though, according to Dr. Leonard Shlain, a San Francisco surgeon and author of ‘Sex, Time And Power’. He figures that 8% of all men are either colour blind, bald, left-handed or gay and therefore, those traits must benefit the entire race or they would have died out by now. For instance, he says, colour blind men have an advantage while hunting because they're less fooled by camouflage and left-handed male soldiers have an advantage over right-handers when fighting hand to hand. Dr. Shlain thinks homosexuality probably evolved in hunting tribes to ensure that there would be more men to hunt for the food but wouldn't produce hungry offspring. Unfortunately however, the doc admits he has yet to figure out the need for baldness which has been linked to increased risks of heart disease and cancer.

Despite the extent of unknown physical implications, the psychological implications for individuals experiencing hair loss are common and varied. There’s a general societal anxiety surrounding the process of hair loss, but some people view it as nature taking its course. While some men may feel proud of their baldness with an increased sense of masculinity and power, others fear it greatly affects their personal and work life.

In fact, it affects so many people in such a negative way that, thanks to evolutionary genius, we’re doing something about it. With scientific advances in hair restoration, men and women no longer need to live with hair loss if they don’t want to.
Scientific advances allow men and women to take control of their hair lossScientifically formulated and medically approved hair loss treatments are better than ever and thousands of men and women all over the world have seen results no one would have thought possible even 30 years ago. There’s a reason why we’re the dominant species.

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