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Why Actors With Hair Loss Have Fuller Hairlines on Screen


For all its glitz and glamour, the Oscars ceremony is also a place of whispers and secrets. With so many cameras flashing and a global audience in the hundreds of millions, actors and actresses want to do everything in their power to conceal wrinkles, wobbles and hair loss.

Given Hollywood’s unusually high rate of leading men with a full head of hair, hair loss experts tend to agree that both hair transplants and the use of hair loss treatment are in big demand in celebrity circles. Last year’s Academy Awards even saw goody bags, which were worth $160,000 each and presented to the nominees for best and best supporting actor and actress roles, that contained hair regrowth products.

No matter how hard these actors, their hair loss specialists and their ‘glam squad’ teams of hair and makeup artists (yes, even the men) work at making them appear every inch the stars they are on the red carpet, and disguising any hint of thinning, there’s something that still doesn’t quite sit right…

Digital hair enhancement

Beauty Work to Help Actors Hair Look Thicker on ScreenMovie lovers have recently woken up to the reasons behind why A-list celebrities don’t just look good but amazing when their celluloid exploits make it to the big screen – particularly compared to footage of them at awards ceremonies or, even more so, in candid paparazzi photos.

Having spoken to a number of key players in the secretly burgeoning field of digital effects, Mashable.com explained that this is because those in the spotlight are frequently turning to post-production experts to make every frame seen on screen positively shine.

This hush-hush mini-industry is known simply as “beauty work”, and Mashable revealed in an in-depth article how it can be employed to enhance everything from skin tones and textures to hair lines. They explain that, “As Photoshop is to magazine photography, digital beauty has become to celebrities in motion. Even the most flawless-in-real-life human specimens are going under the digital knife.

“Everybody is altered”

The article quotes Claus Hansen, a beauty work expert working at Method Studios in Los Angeles, who says that “Nobody looks like what you see on TV and in the movies. Everybody is altered.

Beauty Work VFX StudiosAdding that, the process has become so important that big name actors themselves often sit for hours – days, even – with experts, deciding what they want concealed and to what extent, with some of the biggest stars even using the service for their home videos.

He goes on to explain how a powerful computer software package named Flame can “track pieces of skin, move it around, do warping of the face or body.” In a similar way, hair is thickened and thinning hairlines can be digitally filled in, with the computer doing much of the legwork. Hansen does say, however, that in extreme close-up shots, “beauty work” is often done frame-by-frame at a cost of around $500 to $2,500 per shot.

The article claims that if you see the studio names Lola, Method or Hydraulx listed in the VFX (Visual Effects) credits, “the movie was retouched. If you don’t, there’s a good chance it [was] anyway“.

The reason for this is that film companies are said to pay to have the beauty work specialists’ names kept off the credits to avoid arousing suspicion about their leading men and ladies. The studios’ roster of films that they admit to working on makes for interesting reading and Lola’s list alone includes American Hustle and American Sniper, both starring Bradley Cooper, Captain America with Chris Evans in the title role, and The Wolf of Wall Street featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Comforting to know

It is all perhaps rather comforting news to the rest of us – mere mortals trying to do the best with what nature throws at us – especially when you see actors previously pictured with naturally thinning hair suddenly sporting lustrous, impossibly thick, big screen locks.Minoxidil Dropper

It turns out these transformations are not due to some miracle cure, their insecurities are simply hidden on-screen. In person celebrities tend to use the same genetic hair loss treatment options open to the rest of us.

Following a personalised treatment course for female hair loss or male pattern baldness can help to discreetly prevent further shedding whilst promoting regrowth. Further boosters and hair growth accelerators such as home-use LaserComb devices, can compliment these pharmaceutical components, further helping to improve the hair’s density and vitality. So, while we might not be able to match the digitally-altered fantasy hair of some on-screen A-list celebrities, the real life red-carpet version is certainly within the grasp of many of us.

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