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Who Are Your Famous Clients?


Name: Joseph

Question: Who are your famous clients? Was Shane Warne one of them?

Answer: Hair loss affects 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women at some point in their lives, and naturally, some celebrities will be affected. Sorry to disappoint you Joseph, but patient confidentiality prevents us from revealing the identity of any of our clients we treat for hair loss, without their permission. So, while we aim to answer all questions honestly and fully, on this occasion we will have to leave it to the gossip magazines and newspaper columns to speculate.

Even The Famous Suffer From Hair LossWith regards to your question about Shane Warne, you may be thinking of a hair clinic that is completely separate to ours, Advanced Hair Studios (AHS). Warne featured in adverts for AHS. At the Belgravia Centre, we only offer proven, licensed hair loss treatments as part of an individualised treatment programme. We have seen impressive results with our clients which can be viewed by looking at our database of photo-scans. We also have a video-diary of one client’s treatment progress.

Below are a few stories about famous people who suffer from various types of hair loss. Some opt for hair loss treatments.

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