Which US Open Tennis Seeds have Hair Loss?

The US Open gets under way this week, promising to be another battle of the world's greatest tennis players. Having seen this year's seeds however, it would appear that some of the male players are battling their hairlines as well as their opponents.

Tennis Players with Hair Loss - US Open 2014Rafael Nadal
Nadal won last year’s tournament, although he has unfortunately had to pull out of this year’s event due to a wrist injury. Still, he provides a reminder to this year’s contestants that thinning hair need be no barrier to victory.

Roger Federer
Federer is another player at the top of his game with many impressive Grand Slam titles under his belt. In recent years though, the Swiss athlete appears to have begun to experience thinning at the temples, suggesting he is slowly succumbing to male pattern baldness.

Stan Wawrinka
Wawrinka has recorded his first Open win this year after twelve years on the professional circuit. With a patchy track record, Wawrinka seems unlikely to take the US title this year. His patchy form also extends to his hair, where he seems to be experiencing the first signs of a receding hairline.

Tomas Berdych
Berdych has never won a grand slam and is hopeful that maybe this time he will finally get the breakthrough he craves. The 29 year old Czech shows early signs of male hair loss, emphasised by his preference for short haircuts.

Grigor Dimitrov
Dimitrov plays his fourth US Open this year on the back of a reasonable season to date. Like Tomas Berdych, Dimitrov is clearly losing hair very quickly from his hairline - one of the classic signs of male pattern balding.

Andy Murray
Andy Murray comes into the US Open with two quarter final and one semi final defeat behind him. The Scot has been suffering from hereditary male pattern balding for some years now, having lost hair from both the hairline and his thinning crown.

Professional athlete or not, men noticing hair loss for the first time should seek professional advice if they are to combat hair loss and regrow their hair.

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