Which Product Do I Buy for a Receding Hairline from Dreadlocks?"

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Question: I have dreadlocks & i have a bald hairline please tell me which product to buy?

Answer: Hi, Phumzile. We would need to carry out a full consultation with you to confirm whether this was the sole cause of your hair loss, however, from what you say here, it sounds like a case of Traction Alopecia.

Dreadlocks and Hair LossTraction Alopecia is the only fully preventable hair loss condition as it is brought on by exerting constant, excessive amounts of tension onto the hair follicles. This commonly occurs in the form of tightly braided and/or heavy hairstyles, including dreadlocks. This pressure is particularly intense around the hairline so the primary sign of this particular condition is a receding hairline.

It differs to a receding hairline from male pattern baldness as in cases of genetic hair loss the hair tends to thin and the hairline recedes around the frontal area as this thinning progresses. A receding hairline caused by Traction Alopecia can occur all the way around the hairline - not just at the front - and there are no signs of thinning. There are often, however, 'fluffy' hairs in the receded areas; this is where the hair has snapped under the strain.

The first step in aiding your hairline's recovery is to remove your dreadlocks. If this is absolutely not possible, at least consider cutting the locs short and possibly getting an undercut - where the hair is shaved from around ear level down - in order to reduce the strain on the scalp. Your follicles need time to rest and recover in order for any treatment to be truly effective.

To treat Traction Alopecia Belgravia specialists often recommend high strength minoxidil as it can be particularly effective in encouraging stubborn areas, such as the hairline. We have had many fantastic regrowth results in clients following dedicated Traction Alopecia treatment plans based around this key element, as you can see from the fraction pictured before and after starting their courses in our Success Stories gallery.

In order to purchase treatment you first need to be seen by a hair loss specialist nurse to ensure your suitability. You can be assessed either in person at one of our Central London clinics or, if you live outside London and are unable to visit Belgravia in person, you can use our Online Consultation service.

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