Which is better for hair loss, laser or PRP?

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Question: I want to ask about PRP injections for hair loss. Are they safe or not? And if they're effective, which is better: laser or PRP?

Hairmax LaserComb Professional 12 ModelAnswer: PRP or platelet rich plasma injections are commonly used to aid recovery of wounds or injuries that are difficult to heal. The application of PRP releases growth factors that then aid non-healing wounds.

It was previously thought that, as plasma is also rich in hormones that are responsible for genetic hair loss, this could potentially be detrimental to hair regrowth and actually accelerate the condition that it is meant to treat. However, as research into PRP continues, this is no longer believed to be the case, although its use as a safe and effective tool in fighting hair loss is still to be determined.

Clinial trials are currently underway in Catalonia which hope to establish whether PRP could be a helpful, safe and effective hair loss treatment. The findings of this study, which are due to be released at the end of 2015, should clarify this 'trendy' treatment's true benefits in relation to treating male and female pattern hair loss.

Although previous studies using PRP alongside other supposed hair loss treatments have been rubbished, the current clinical trials should provide interesting results and, even if these injections prove to be unsuitable as a hair loss treatment in their own right, they may show positive results as a hair growth booster. Although evidence as to its efficacy is largely anecdotal at this stage, this is currently how PRP is considered - as something that can be used alongside MHRA and FDA-approved treatment.

This is also the category that the LaserComb fits into and the device has also been cleared for use by the FDAHairMax produces award-winning lasercombs and were the first to harness LLLT for home-use against thinning hair. The patented combing motion helps the light to get directly to the scalp without too much interference from the hair, and many of our clients use them in conjunction with their prescribed hair loss treatments in order to help boost their effects.

If you are concerned about hair loss, a specialist will be able to recommend a tailored treatment plan to you - this is likely to be the best option, backed up - if you wish - by your choice of boosters. This course will feature minoxidil, a topical treatment that has been seen to produce brilliant results for Belgravia clients, even those with stubborn hair loss, as well as the most relevant hair growth boosters to your specific stage and level of shedding. You can find many examples of these types of results, and see the time it took for each client to achieve them, in our Success Stories gallery.

This post was updated: October 2015

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