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Which HairMax LaserComb Model Should I Buy?

The HairMax LaserComb, SE and Premium versions are used to treat hair lossName: Will

Question: Can I enquire about the free lasercomb you give with the treatment packages?

I understand that the comb given is the SE model as opposed the Premium device. After speaking to a rep from Lexington international, I learnt that this was not the actual device used for the trials that permitted FDA clearance. Whilst I am assured that it is safe to use, does this pose a doubt over the effectiveness of the SE model? If so, do I need to buy the premium device?

Many thanks.

Answer: As part of a combination hair loss treatment program, the Belgravia Centre offers the SE Compact LaserComb free, or the Premium model at a heavily reduced price, when a 12 month course is paid in full.

The FDA cleared the HairMax LaserComb for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in 2007. This earlier model is different to the SE and Premium versions. The original HairMax LaserComb used a single light emitting diode that divided its light into nine separate beams to deliver treatment to the patient. The SE and Premium devices use five and nine light emitting beams respectively, which deliver individual light energy to the hair follicles.

One cannot doubt the effectiveness of the original model – it was cleared by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss after all. In essence, the mechanisms of the new and improved models are exactly the same as the original. However, the more light emitting diodes mean they’re quicker and easier to use and because both remain low-level laser devices with no negative side effects, they’re still considered safe.

When it comes to choosing between the SE and Premium models, the only question you really need to ask yourself is: “Do I want to spend an extra five minutes combing my hair each day?”

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