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‘Which Hair Loss Product Can I Use Until My Hairline Grows Back?’

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Name: Jayacharan

Question: Is there any natural treatment for frontal baldness. I don’t have much baldness just have a receding hairline and I just a product wanted to use it till I get all my receding hairline back.

There Are Many Natural Options Touted as Hair Loss Treatments But None Are Proven to WorkAnswer: Hi Jayacharan. Although there are many natural remedies touted as a ‘cure’ for baldness, none have been proven to work.

There are only two hair loss treatments which are clinically-proven and licensed by both the MHRA and the FDA to combat Male Pattern Baldness. These are minoxidil and finasteride 1mg.

Minoxidil can be particularly effective in treating a receding hairline, which is the most stubborn area on the scalp to treat. This is a topical, daily treatment applied directly to the hairline, or other affected areas as directed, in order to promote regrowth.

In order to regrow your hair and maintain your hairline it is necessary to follow your treatment plan on an on-going basis. Similar to the way in which you have to brush your teeth everyday to prevent plaque build-up from eroding the tooth enamel and causing decay, male hair loss treatments need to be used on a daily basis in order to prevent a hormone derivative called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from attacking the hair follicles, leading to the miniaturisation and shedding associated with male pattern hair loss.

Many Belgravia treatment clients have seen positive regrowth results to their hairlines, with signs usually becoming noticeable after three-to-six months, depending on the initial level of receding. If a man who is genetically pre-disposed to this hereditary hairloss condition stops using his recommended treatment, the DHT that causes Male Pattern Baldness will storm back in and set to work, causing the follicles to deteriorate again.

In order to establish your pattern and level of shedding, as well as the best way to restore your hairline, we suggest you consult a hair loss specialist who can also show you exactly how to apply minoxidil.

They can also advise you on natural ways in which you can boost your hair’s health. Although this does not prevent or treat male hair loss, addressing your diet to ensure you are getting the right mix of nutrients, or taking a specially-targeted supplement such as Hair Vitalics, can help to improve the hair’s condition.

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