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When You’re Too Young to Go Bald

Hair loss might not seem like such a concern until you experience it yourself, then you realise just how devastating it can be. Particularly if you are young, the first signs of thinning hair and balding are things you may want to deny, but sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with the reality that you are losing your hair.

Hair loss in young men can have a lasting influence on their work and personal lifeHair loss in younger men is more common now than ever and it can be difficult to deal with when you’re still out gallivanting with girls, trying to climb the corporate ladder and really only experiencing life for the first time. Losing hair early in life is fairly indicative that you’re in for some serious hair loss later on in life if you don’t do something about it now.

It’s not like hair loss is the end of the world – it can portray an aura of wisdom and some women find bald men attractive. The only time you should do something about your hair loss is when you decide that it’s affecting your quality of life.

You may spend some time deliberating whether or not it’s worth your while to look into hair loss solutions. You’re only young and you’ve got plenty of time to figure out whether being completely or partially bald is going to have a decisive influence over your personal or work life, right? It is true to some degree but the effectiveness of hair loss treatments is greatly determined by the extent of the damage.

It’s well known that hair transplants are an effective option as a last resort, and that medical treatments will also be required after the surgery to maintain the new ‘crop’ of hair. Because even donor hair follicles that are currently still active and used in the transplantation process are still likely to shut down later in life. This is due to the fact that genes and hormones are the culprits in the large majority of male hair loss cases.

Propecia is highly regarded as the most effective hair loss treatment for men because it controls the levels of the specific hormone derivative that causes the follicles on the scalp to shut down, without affecting the production of other vital male hormones. A lot of men are also prescribed this treatment after having a hair transplant, to maintain the growth of the new hair.

Essentially, Propecia is the single most important ingredient in the prevention of hair loss in men, and it is most effective when taken in the early stages of the balding process. It has also been proven to stimulate re-growth but clinical studies show that men get better results with earlier and continued use. However there are ways to make the treatment more effective as well as solutions for stubborn areas such as the widow’s peaks.

If hair loss does bother you Belgravia’s online diagnostic form offers free expert advice about your condition, what you can do and the kind of results you could expect. Simply complete the form and wait for a reply, or if you want to book an appointment with a specialist, or simply require more information, contact the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or send a message.

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