When Will Trinov / Prof Brotzu Lotion Hair Loss Remedy Be Released?

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Name:  Jay
Question: When will Prof Brotzu's hair loss remedy be released in the UK? I think it's only available in Italy at the moment. And is it now called Trinov? I've heard it called both names.
Answer: Hi, Jay. The penultimate official update from Brotzu Lotion's manufacturers, Fidia Farmetceuti, was published on 10th January 2017; as this press release stated that the company aimed to have product development completed by 2018, social media and hair loss forums became been abuzz with anticipation.
Wait delay release patience date whenThis was followed on 28th September 2018 with an update advising that the product's efficacy and tolerability studies had been completed and the company was gearing up for a 2018 release in Italy. "Other international markets will follow next," it states, confirming that "full-scale production" has begun.
Although this press release said that the precise release schedule would be confirmed within the "next few weeks", this information has still not been made available.
Given we are now in December 2018 and there has been no further news regarding the purported hair growth product's release in Italy or elsewhere, it's fair to say that it's unlikely to become available this year.
There is little official information available regarding the Italian product, so we can't give you many specifics yet, unfortunately. This includes which specific hair loss conditions the product is designed to treat; the company has claimed its "study was conducted productively and efficiently, to offer all patients who are affected by the problem - men and women equally - a real treatment option, effective, safe and stable." This suggests it may be for androgenetic alopecia - Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Hair Loss, but this has not been officially clarified nor confirmed, as far as we are aware.
Once a medication has been developed it still needs to obtain the relevant licenses and approvals from medical regulatory bodies in each country - such as the UK's MHRA and the FDA in America - in order to be able to make the treatments available there. This can further delay drugs from being made available given those where there is a critical or currently unmet need tend to be given priority.
However, at this point we do not know if this hair loss lotion will be considered a medication - and therefore require regulatory assessment - or cosmetic haircare, which is not currently regulated in the UK. If it is what is considered a 'borderline' product - one which advertises both a cosmetic effect and a preventative, not a treatment, action - then, in the UK, the MHRA will decide whether it falls under its remit and, if so, will consider it for licensing.
One thing the last Fidia press release did clarify is that Prof Brotzu's hair loss lotion will not go by that name; as you mention, the brand name which has been chosen for the product is Trinov and it is being marketed as a 'hair loss remedy'.
Once the UK release date has been confirmed, we will publish details here on the Belgravia hair loss blog. However, if you are interested in exploring other solutions in the meantime, there are clinically-proven hair loss treatment options that are already well-established, available and both MHRA licensed and FDA approved, plus a number of hair growth supporting products which can be used in tandem with the pharmaceutical elements.
UPDATE [29/01/19]: Trinov was officially launched at the end of December 2018 through a select number of pharmacies in Italy. Those orders started to arrive in January 2019 and we hope to have feedback from users on how they find the product, as well as more information on a UK and US release date shortly.
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