When Is The Best Time to Apply Minoxidil When Dyeing Hair At Home?'

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Name: Laura

Question: Hi there, if I am colouring my hair at home when is the best time to apply Minoxidil? Thanks.

Answer: Hi, Laura. There are two points that are important to note regarding the use of hair dye and hair loss treatment.

Applying-Minoxidil-For-Women-hair-loss-treatment-Belgravia-CentreFirstly, we recommend that the scalp is free from any minoxidil residue before applying hair dye. This means it is important to thoroughly cleanse the scalp prior to dyeing your hair.

Secondly, when you use any kind of hair dye, bleach or chemical treatment, for example perming solutions or hair relaxers, it temporarily makes the scalp much more sensitive. Because of this it is important to skip the next dose of minoxidil after colouring your hair if you follow a twice-a-day minoxidil treatment course.

So the first steps in this recommended routine would be:

  • Apply minoxidil as normal in the morning (if you are a once-a-day user and usually apply your solution at night, it is fine to switch application to the morning for the day you dye your hair)

  • Ideally wait at least two hours before washing the hair in order to receive the maximum benefit by allowing the solution a good amount of absorption time. If this is not possible, wait an absolute minimum of half an hour

  • Wash your hair, ensuring your scalp is clean and free from any minoxidil residue

  • Dye hair according to instructions

Then, if your hair loss treatment features once-a-day minoxidil applications:

  • Apply your minoxidil as normal the next day.

If you are using twice-a-day applications of high strength minoxidil, then:

  • Skip your evening application on the day you dye your hair - as long as you only miss this one dose, you should not experience any adverse hair loss effects from doing so

  • Resume your normal minoxidil application routine from the next morning after dyeing your hair.

Always make sure that your scalp is dry before applying minoxidil so that it doesn't get diluted. This will allow the solution to be absorbed at its maximum potency in order to help do its job of encouraging hair growth most effectively. If you are a Belgravia client and have any further queries regarding this or any other hair loss issue, please do contact your dedicated Treatment Advisor who will be happy to provide personalised advice.

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