What's Causing Scalp Itching and Hair Loss After Holiday?'

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Question: Hi am Rubina. I have scalp itching problem 3 week ready n hair loss so much ..last month I we go for holiday come back i suffering this problem..so pls can u give some advice what should I do

Answer: Hi, Rubina. Scalp itching and hair loss can certainly be connected - some people are in fact known to experience a tingling or itchy scalp just before they start losing their hair.

Itchy Head and Hair Loss After HolidayThis is due to something called Burning Scalp Syndrome which can occur when a large number of hairs fall into the resting, or 'Telogen' phase of the hair growth cycle all at once, leading to an increase in hair fall.

There are myriad reasons behind hair loss, often genetics but also various other factors including lifestyle and health can have an influence, so it is hard to give you a precise diagnosis of your hair loss condition from what you say above. It could also be a scalp condition that is causing your hair loss.

If your scalp itching is connected to your holiday your hair loss may be due to any number of factors including a sensitivity to chlorine in swimming pools, an allergic reaction to something you encountered or even a new shampoo. If this is the case, once the cause has been removed, your hair should recover in its own time.

Your increased shedding could also be due to a temporary condition called Telogen Effluvium which causes thinning hair all over the scalp and tends to last for no more than six months. This shedding does not tend to start, however, until around three months after the condition has been sparked so there is a possibility that your holiday was just a coincidence. There are many triggers that can bring this on including stress, hormonal changes, dietary deficiencies and as a side effect of starting to take new medication.

Hair will regrow naturally once the body recovers although treatment for Telogen Effluvium is able to help speed this process up. At Belgravia we advise clients to apply their recommended high strength minoxidil formulation to their scalp either once or twice per day, as directed. Additional boosters can also be used alongside this clinically-proven treatment for a holistic approach.

We would need more information on regarding how you are experiencing hair loss, such as whether you have been shedding more hair than usual making it appear thinner or whether the hair is falling out suddenly in patches and whereabouts on your scalp you are losing hair from, to make a diagnosis. As such, we recommend you visit a hair loss specialist as they will be able to diagnose your condition and explain to you both its cause and how best to treat it.

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