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What’s Causing My Patchy Hair Loss and Can a Good Diet Help?

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Name: Ravi

Question: I’m 21 years old. I have a very good hair but suddenly I recognised after my hair cut I have lost a patch of hair at the left side of my crown.

At the age of 17 I lost the same patch in the right side but I took care so that further hair was not lost. But now I have lost hair on both the sides but my centre part and the extreme side parts of hair are very strong. I’m very much afraid.

I decided to shave my hair so that it will be easier for me to oil my hair and to do head baths with distilled water easily. Will shaving and using good oil and good water and shampoo, plus having a good diet solve my problem?

Possible Causes of Patchy Hair Loss all Successfully Treated by The Belgravia Centre

Answer: In order to properly diagnose the reason for your patchy hair loss, we would need to either examine you in person, or see pictures clearly displaying the affected areas.

For now, without this visual information and additional medical information such as whether you are receiving treatment for any other unrelated conditions (hair loss can be a side effect of certain prescription medications), we can only provide you with general advice relating to this type of hair loss.

You mention your bald patches are specifically confined to your crown area. This could be caused by a number of conditions, including male pattern baldness and, most likely, alopecia areata. If you have been wearing your hair in tight braids around the areas where you are losing your hair, it could also be Traction Alopecia caused by weakened hair follicles.

All these conditions can be treated with professional hair loss treatment programmes and you can see here examples of patients successfully treated for patchy hair loss caused by a range of conditions, who feature in our Hair Loss Success Stories.

You should experience regrowth once your specific condition has been properly diagnosed by a hair loss expert, and the recommended treatment regime, most likely involving minoxidil, is started.

Whilst a good diet is important for your overall health, as well as helping to ensure the hair receives the nutrients it needs to grow through in good condition, it cannot stop hair loss or promote regrowth.

The same is true of using good quality haircare products; whilst it is important to look after the health of your existing hair and scalp, only medically proven treatments such as minoxidil and Propecia are known to stop hair loss and encourage hair to grow again. Using distilled water will have no beneficial effect to your condition.

If you would like more specific information relating to your condition, please get in touch to arrange a free consultation at one of our Central London clinics, or if you cannot visit us, simply complete our Online Diagnostic Form and send us clear images of your scalp so that we can give you a more comprehensive answer.

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