What Would Amy Winehouse do Without her Hair?

Amy Winehouse almost lost her hair when her beehive caught fire

Hair is arguably one of our most valuable natural assets. For women in particular, hair (like diamonds) is a girl’s best friend and has the power to change your image faster than you can say GHD. So it’s understandable that hair loss or thinning hair can cause stress of astronomical proportions. Take Amy Winehouse for example.

The Rehab singer is renowned for her erratic behaviour but could you imagine her reaction when her hair caught fire? It’s almost hard to say which is more famous her music or her beehive but it was almost the end of Amy's infamous wig when it caught fire while the 25-year-old was reportedly trying to fix some electrical cables. She managed to douse the flames but she’s temporarily ditched her trademark style for her naturally curly ’do. 

At home and while on holiday, Amy’s been snapped sporting a more relaxed look and a shorter style but it’s the beehive and those wide-winged eyes which she’s instantly recognisable for when she’s out on the town and performing.

Amy’s dabbled with hair extensions in the past but has cleverly opted for hairpieces ever since. It can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon and go for hair extensions to get instantly longer locks but they are one of the most damaging things you could ever do to your hair and they’re often the cause of a hair loss condition known as traction alopecia. But unlike other wig-wearing female celebrities, Amy doesn’t appear to have a problem with hair loss or thinning hair in fact she’s got masses of hair, but almost 40% of women will experience hair loss at some point in their lives.

Most women’s hair loss can be easily treated and reversed using proven medical hair loss treatments and hair growth boosters without the need to resort to wigs or similar hair replacement options. Although the Back to Black singer shows it doesn’t hurt to experiment with them occasionally to change your look.

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