What is the Pinch Technique for Hair Growth?'

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Question: Hello I would like information on pinch technique used in India.

Answer: Hi Andrea, the pinch technique is a type of scalp massage which aims to improve circulation in the scalp. Many people mistakenly believe it can help to combat hair loss, however, this is largely untrue.

If you have thinning hair and want to encourage regrowth, then some head massages can be useful when they are performed in addition to following the appropriate course of hair loss treatment for your condition. This is because, whilst they can temporarily increase blood flow to the scalp, in the majority of cases can only help to improve the condition of the hair but cannot treat a hair loss condition. In fact, in the case of genetic hair loss - Male Pattern Baldness or Female Pattern Hair Loss - it may actually make the shedding worse by assisting the DHT which causes pattern hair loss to circulate.

We do not recommend Indian head massage as it can be quite aggressive with lots of hair pulling and tugging. It can pull the resting hair out of your scalp - hair that might otherwise stay for a few more days perhaps. It is best to stick to the more gentle massage styles.

Some people who promote the 'pinch technique' claim to use these massages alongside making dietary changes such as cutting out sugar and gluten, and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Where the cause of their thinning is not genetic and is instead caused by a dietary imbalance it is most likely that the increased nutritional benefits are what causes any positive changes to both the condition and growth of their hair.

Head massages should be considered a form of hair growth booster and not a treatment. When used as an adjunct to medically-proven treatments it can be a great way of keeping your hair and scalp healthy and promoting regrowth which is why we offer specialised massages as part of our clients' clinical therapy sessions.

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