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‘What is Short Anagen Syndrome?’


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Name: Patsy

Question: What is Short Anagen Syndrome? I heard it has something to do with your hair not being able to grow properly? I really want to grow my hair long but it’s being really slow to grow so i want to know if I might have this. Thanks.

Short Anagen Syndrome is a disease of the hair growth cycle in children meaning they cannot grow long hairAnswer: Hi Patsy. Short Anagen Syndrome is a condition that generally affects children, specifically those between ages 2 and 4.

It is known medically as a benign disease of the hair growth cycle which prevents children from being able to grow their hair past a certain, short length. This is due to the growth (‘anagen’) phase being abnormally short in those affected which also results in an above average level of shedding.

According to the International Journal of Trichology, in most reported cases the child has never needed to have their hair cut and has had short hair since birth. It does not have any effect on body hair.

Short Anagen Syndrome is mostly seen in children with fine, blonde hair but can also occur in children with other hair types. It is common for Telogen Effluvium to also be present simultaneously, as well as Loose Anagen Syndrome.

Treatment is not necessary and in most cases this condition clears up by itself after puberty so it is unlikely to be affecting you.

Hair growth boosters such as the HairMax LaserComb, which uses laser technology, and Hair Vitalics dietary supplements may help you speed your way to longer locks. You can discuss these options with a hair loss specialist who can also assess whether you are having trouble growing your hair due to a hair loss condition.

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