What is Causing Red Scalp Bumps, Peeling Skin and Hair Loss?'

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Hair Loss - BrushQuestion: Hi, I have been having many issues. First it was white stuff in my hair I assumed it was dandruff but than I had a lot of hair loss for months and now I’ve had hard shell type coming out of my hair. I had to peel it cause it had bumps and I’ve seen red bumps everywhere. I am only 17 years old and have experiences hair loss for 8 months. I’ve changed my shampoo’s many times. But do not know the problem or anything.

Answer: Hi, Khushnood. We cannot diagnose your hair loss condition or any scalp disorder correctly purely based on the information you give here. Until we have that information we cannot give you advice on hair loss treatments that may help.

It could be Seborrhoeic Dermatitis or Psoriasis and there is also the possibility that you have a secondary infection. From what you say, it does sound like a secondary infection is likely.

We highly recommend you have a professional consultation where a hair loss specialist can examine your scalp to ascertain the precise cause of your scalp issues. They can also diagnose the cause of your hair loss and, once that has been done, advise on the best way to treat both conditions.

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