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What is a Hair Loss Treatment Programme?

With the explosion of the health and beauty sector over recent decades, there is today an endless supply of treatments for hair loss ranging from vitamin supplements and lasercombs to topical solutions and pills to hair surgery. The Belgravia Centre prescribes treatments that have strong evidence to show they are effective in stabilising hair loss and restoring lost hair.

Hair Loss Treatment at Belgravia
When you come for a consultation at the clinic, a hair loss specialist will diagnose the condition and explain to you what is happening to your hair. They will then discuss hair loss treatments with you and recommend a treatment programme that is tailored to your needs. The type of medications and the combination of products is dependant upon the client and the hair loss condition. Treatment programmes can also vary in length, from 3 months to a year, according to the client’s condition.

The Belgravia Centre Offers Individualised Hair Loss Treatment Programmes. What Makes Our Treatment Different
The team at Belgravia has been helping clients manage hair loss for many years. We base our treatment programmes on two medications – Minoxidil and Propecia. These are the only products that have shown sufficient evidence, in large scale clinical trials, to be effective in treating hair loss.

Minoxidil, is a topical solution that is applied daily,  and is available to both men and women, while Propecia – a tablet that is taken daily – is available to men only.

Another way in which Belgravia’s service is different is that the treatments prescribed by the clinic’s specialists are usually supplemented with a Hair Growth Booster that is suited to the individual. These include the LaserComb and Hair Vitalics.

The FDA-cleared HairMax LaserComb offered by Belgravia is the only product (other that Minoxidil and Propecia) that has shown strong evidence of encouraging hair growth – it has a patented mechanism where the combs are specially designed to part the hair so that the light can shine directly on the scalp without hair getting in the way. Many hoods and other forms of ‘hair laser’ do not sufficiently reach the scalp because hair gets in the way. FDA-clearance means that this lasercomb has undergone clinical testing that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the medical regulatory body in the USA. While Belgravia does not recommend the LaserComb as a stand-alone treatment for hair loss, it has helped clients when used to supplement licensed medications as part of a tailored hair loss treatment programme.

Hair Vitalics is a nutritional supplement which is particuarly beneficial for hair loss in women. Again, this is not a stand-alone hair loss treatment, but can improve the condition of the hair when used as part of a combined treatment programme alongside licensed medications.

The combination treatment courses prescribed by Belgravia are based around Minoxidil and Propecia and supplemented with a suitable Hair Growth Booster. Clients that use these individualised treatment programmes show the highest rate of regrowth. Examples of the kind of results these treatment programmes bring about can be seen by visiting our Hair Loss Success Stories.

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If you are concerned about thinning hair or hair loss, the Belgravia offers a free consultation with one of the clinic’s specialists. To book your appointment, just call 020 7730 6666 or Message the Centre. Alternatively, if you are not able to visit the clinic, it takes 5 minutes to fill out the Online Diagnostic Form which is reviewed instantly in the centre. Within a couple of working days, a treatment advisor will contact you to discuss treatment further.

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