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‘What Happens if You Don’t Apply Belgravia Minoxidil As Directed?’


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Name: Maria

Question: What happens if you don’t increase dosage of Belgravia minoxidil and start immediately with 1ml twice a day? And what happens if you use more than 2ml a day if 2ml does not cover all of your problem areas?

Minoxidil DropperAnswer: Hi, Maria. As with any medication, it is important to use only the recommended doses of your prescribed hair loss treatment. You must not use over-use your medication.

We advise Belgravia clients using high strength minoxidil to start using a half dose then increase the quantity until they reach the full dose in order to minimise the severity of any potential side effects.

Using more than 2ml per day may increase the incidence of side effects hence our hair loss specialists always advise using 1ml to start with and spreading it as much as possible over the affected area(s). If you feel this does not cover all the problem areas well enough, we recommend that on your next application you ensure you apply the minoxidil first to any areas you feel were too-sparsely covered the previous time.

Your dedicated treatment advisor will be happy to discuss any issues you may be having with this or further hair loss concerns. They can also provide you with a refresher in how to apply minoxidil, should you feel this is necessary. You can contact them directly via email or phone on the details they will have given you, or simply contact the centre and we can connect you if this is easier.

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